Eduard Ovčáček



EDUARD OVČÁČEK was born in Třinec in 1933. From 1957 to 1963 he was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. His tutor was Professor Peter Matejka of the Monumental painting studio. In 1962 he studied as a guest of the Professor Antonín Kybal at the Art and Crafts School in Prague. Graphics, burned collages sculptures, visual and concrete poetry, lettristic photography, performance and conceptual art are his favourite media.

In 1959 he appeared at the Slovak artistic scene and together with his class-fellow and artist Miloš Urbásek. He was a co-founder and member of the Bratislava independent group of artists called BRATISLAVSKÁ KONFRONTACE (1960), which demonstrated abstract art – so called “informel” - in Slovakia.  From 1959 to 1968 he continuously devoted himself to developing the technique of structural and photogravure graphic arts and structural painting. In 1967, after the establishment of KLUB KONKRÉTISTŮ (THE CONCRETISTS' CLUB), whose co-founder he was, he became systematically involved in serigraphy and wooden polychrome spatial forms which he called "architectons". In serigraphies he applied his rational aspect and process within the context of lettering and reestablished (once and future) signs. He has extended the variability of seriraphy especially by using the computer technology. He has also become more intesively involved in the performance art as was for example that with the fire burning ropes by which he depicted signs and geometric characters. He took part in a number of international exhibitions and symposiums. He organised serigraphy workshops at Ostrava University (1997-1999).

His first independent exhibition was held in The Galery of the People's Democracy in the Charles's Square in Prague in 1966. It was arranged by the Czech art theorist and historian Ludmila Vachtová. He has won a number of awards for freestyle graphic art at home and abroad, recently for example Grand Prix of the City of Prague in the course of the 1st International Triennial of the Graphic Art arranged by Inter-Kontakt-Grafik, Prague–Krakov (1995), the 1st Prize of the City of Namur in Belgium on the occassion of the centenary anniversary of Félicien Ropse's death (1998).  In 1998 he acquired the prestigious Vladimír Boudník Award for his significant contribution to the Czech tradition of the  graphic art, for his extraordinary work in the field of art and for his experimental efforts.

He was a signatory of “Charta 77”. At the present time he is a member of HOLLAR (Guild of the Czech graphic artists) and UMĚLECKÁ BESEDA (Czech Artists' Association) in Prague. He is also engaged in the educational activities. From 1963 to 1968 he was a tutor of the graphic arts at Palacký University in Olomouc (finished when Czechoslovakia was occupied by the Warsaw Pact armies). At present he is Professor at Ostrava University (College of Art). He lives and works in Ostrava.


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